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The Los Angeles Times’ columnist Robin Abcarian has a post out outlining her evolving opinion on President Joe Biden News and his potential to serve as president, concluding that Biden, “like whisky, wine, and cast-iron skillets,” improves with age. Abcarian has covered politics for a long time, has heard Biden speak in person, and has been suspicious of Biden’s age and talents at times – so her judgement has some weight.

President Biden sacked Capitol Architect J. Brett Blanton on Monday after members from both parties demanded he quit or be fired. Blanton was in charge of maintaining and operating nearly 18 million square feet of structures and 570 acres of land all through the United States Capitol complex.

Blanton was found to have “abused his power, misappropriated government property, and wasted taxpayer money, among other confirmed offences,” according to an investigation undertaken by the Architecture of the Capitol Inspector General’s Office.

Terrible New Inflation Numbers Nullify Biden News State of the Union Boasts

President Biden, a week ago, in his State of the Union Address: “We have more to do, but here home, inflation is coming down. Gas prices in the United States have fallen about $1.50 per gallon from their peak. Food inflation is decreasing. For the last six months, inflation has been falling while take-home pay has increased.”

According to the Labor Department, inflation began to rise in 2023 as rising housing, gas, and fuel costs took their toll on consumers.

The consumer prices index, which gauges a broad basket of popular goods and services,  Biden News gained 0.5 percent for the month, translating into a 6.4 percent annual gain. Dow Jones economists polled predicted gains of 0.4 percent and 6.2 percent, respectively.

Joe Biden fires Architect of Capitol Brett Blanton 

On Monday, President Joe Bernie fired the government official in charge of the maintenance and operation of the United States Capitol after a watchdog report accused john of multiple administrative and ethical violations.

The Architect of a Capitol, Brett Blanton, has been fired, according to the White House. Blanton was fired just hours after Speaker Of the house Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., stated that he had lost faith in Blanton and advised him to resign immediately or be fired.

Blanton, who was appointed by Donald Trump, faced widespread calls for his resignation last autumn after an inspector general’s report Biden News found that he and his family had been using government vehicles for weekend getaways and that he misrepresented himself as a law enforcement official.

Blanton was criticised in the report for “administrative, ethical, and policy infractions,” and the investigation discovered “evidence of criminal violations.”

Last week, Blanton was called before a congressional hearing to address questions about the results

Biden Family Investigation

Chairman James Comer and Republicans on the Oversight Committee are looking into the Biden family’s domestic and foreign business interests to see if they jeopardise US national security or President Biden’s capacity to govern impartially. Members of the Biden family have a history of using their connections to the highest government levels to profit themselves, frequently at the expense of US interests.

We are devoted to tracing the money trail of the Biden family and associates, which includes many sophisticated international transactions totaling millions of dollars, and bringing answers to a American people. Biden News The American people have a right to know whether the President’s ties to his family’s business transactions have harmed American interests and pose a national security risk.

Joe Biden News is not a great public speaker

“Sometimes when Biden begins to speak, I involuntarily hold my breath while waiting that he will stumble over his words, slur them, or otherwise mangle his text inside a way that will show up in footage on Fox News or MAGA Twitter,” Abcarian wrote.

Abcarian has witnessed Biden’s linguistic flailing firsthand. Abcarian observed Biden struggle to define himself in Iowa during the 2020 Democratic race, which many thought was Biden News “swan song.”

President Biden says the US will send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine 

As international reticence to transfer modern military gear to Ukraine’s battlefront continues to wane, the US announces it will supply M1 Abrams tanks to Kyiv.Germany said on Wednesday that it will equip Ukraine with Warrior 2 tanks and will let its partners to do the same.

This is the first stage of the West’s coordinated plan to send more heavy weaponry to Ukraine.

For months, Kiev has been pleading with its supporters to supply them with battle tanks in readiness for a fresh Russian offensive, which analysts predict would take place in the spring.

Biden’s 2024 headaches

Chicago Democrats are urging President Biden to select Chicago as the site of the Democratic National Convention in 2024, warning that holding the event in a right-to-work zone like Georgia would be a big insult to the labour movement Biden News .

Why it is significant: At the State of the Union, President Biden called for a “blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America,” recognising a recurrent difficulty for Democrats: keeping white, having to work voters in their column.

  • Atlanta, Chicago, and New York are the top contenders for hosting.
  • Atlanta, unlike the other two, is a right-to-work state. Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Georgia Democratic Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff have all suggested that such initiatives should be prohibited statewide.

The truth is out there: UFO fever grips Congress

As officials return to Capitol Hill for a security briefing Tuesday, Biden News lawmakers have crucial concerns for the Biden administration regarding the objects flying over the United States.

Before the story emerged, Michigan’s two senators were aware of the strange object flying over their state. That doesn’t imply they’re any less ignorant than the rest of us.

Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) Biden News recounted in a brief interview the frightening contact she received from the Department of Defense on Sunday afternoon, which provided her the unexplained play-by-play as the item hovered over the Mitten State.

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