How to Pair a Roku Remote

Being able to control your Roku device with the convenience of a remote is a great feature. There are two ways you can pair your Roku device with a remote – manually or automatically. Read on for all the steps necessary to get your new remote up and running.

Manual Setup

  1. Turn on your Roku device by pressing any key on the remote control.
  2. On the home screen, select “Settings” from the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  3. Select “System”, then “Remote Control” and finally “Set Up Remote for TV Control”.
  4. Select “Pair Remote Now” from within this menu.
  5. Tap any key on the remote twice to trigger pairing mode and wait as your Roku attempts to locate it automatically. If you don’t see success in five seconds try again by tapping any key twice once more, until successful completion is indicated by an on-screen message, and then press ‘Ok’ on your remote control.
  6. A message will show that pairing is complete and you should now be able to remotely control the device with its new paired remote!

Automatic Setup

  1. Ensure that batteries are inserted into both devices: The Roku streaming device and its accompanying remote control each require their own set of batteries to function properly while attempting an automatic pairing setup (each probably uses 2 AAA batteries).

2. Hold down the Home button on Roku’s included standard IR (infrared) remote for five seconds until LED blinks twice: With appropriate battery power enabled, press down firmly but not too hard – just enough so that it clicks in – and hold until the LED light flashes twice (some newer models may have an alternate way which requires pushing buttons 3 & 4 simultaneously; refer to the user guide if yours does not follow this procedure).

3 . Press any button on another remote device: This could be either an alternate original IR-type or Wi-Fi Direct type (if one came with a specific model). Once pressed, watch for the blinking green light near the top right corner button of the main user interface screen which indicates a successful connection has been made between respective devices!

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