Gojek Clone : Top Online Money-Making Solutions

Many of you must be thinking about how to make money online. The reality is that not all business ideas you see have the ability to help you make easy and quick money. On the other hand, even if they do, you need to put exceptional efforts to market it and make it better than other existing apps. So, what to do next? The answer is simple – invest in a pre-built solution such as Gojek Clone app.

Does this on-demand multi-service app guarantee easy and quick money-making opportunities?

Read further to know everything about earning towering profits with this app.

Multiple Sources of Making Money

What if you can get access to more than just one way to make money?

Entrepreneurs who purchase the Gojek Clone package get to launch their own iOS and Android for users, drivers/providers, and stores.

In addition to Gojek Clone mobile apps, they can also launch a website, KIOSK apps, iWatch apps, and a dispatcher panel.

Do you know what that means?

You will be able to make money from more than just one channel. Think about how much money you will be making from each of the services that you offer from all the above-mentioned channels.

For example, you will be making money on every taxi service booked via the mobile and iWatch app, KIOSK panels at the airport, hotel, or metros, and dispatcher panel.

Suitable Business Model to Generate Revenues

You can also generate an incredible amount of revenue by simply choosing the right business model.

If you don’t know what a business model is, well, it is a proven plan to make money from the online business.

Gojek Clone app has two business models. An entrepreneur can choose one of these models and generate revenues.

  • Earning commissions per service: commission will be earned on every on-demand service that is booked on the system. As the app owner, you get to decide the commission rates for all genres of service. It can be different or the same for all.
  • Subscription plans: as the app owner, you can also create different subscription plans for your users. Now, every time they purchase a new plan, renew an existing one, or upgrade to a better plan, the app owner gets the entire money.

Depending on your business requirements and goals, you can choose a suitable business model and ask the developers to implement the same.

Mint Extra Cash from the App

Earn extra cash apart from the normal revenues? Yes, please!

Every entrepreneur would love the idea of making more money with just a one-time investment. Moreover, it will be a benefit that you’d be able to reap for a lifetime.

You can make extra money by launching Gojek Clone in the following ways –

In-app advertisements

Make money with third-party Facebook and Google ads. App owners can display third-party ads on the application and make money on every click they get on these ads.

Paid plans

Another feature is Paid Plans using which users can boost the visibility of their listings on the app. With the purchase of one of the plans, users will be able to display the ad as ‘FEATURED’.


Surcharge is the extra amount that a user pays to receive the service during high-demand periods.

Cancellation fees

A small fee is charged by the platform if the user cancels a confirmed service booking at the last minute.

In Conclusion:

Get the best on-demand service solution from a white-labeling firm that has already launched thousands of apps to date.

Test the app thoroughly before you invest your hard-earned money. Rebrand the app as per your requirements, integrate local gateways for payment and SMS, and change the color theme if you want.

Next, launch the app on App Stores in just 1 to 2 weeks. Start making money easily and quickly!


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