8 Steps to Setup a Minecraft Server with VPS Hosting in UAE

VPS Hosting in UAE


Minecraft is the most popular game that got launched in the year 2011. Since then it has displayed no indications of slowing down. Minecraft possesses more than 140 million active players across the globe and is renowned as one of the best-selling video games. Further, the most significant portion of its success comes through public as well as private gaming servers.


Therefore, there is an opportunity of turning the love of the community for multiplayer mode into your profitable business. This can be done by setting up your own Minecraft server, constructing a more fascinating, assorted, and exceptional block-based world, and then monetizing your creation.

Via this post, you will acquire insights into how to generate money from Minecraft employing a VPS Hosting in UAE. Dig into the sections below and accumulate all the essential details.

A Brief Introduction to Minecraft

Minecraft was initially devised by Stockholm-based software developers Mojang. The intellectual property of Minecraft as well as Mojang was later bought by Microsoft in the year 2014 for a sum of  $2.5 billion. With millions of units traded around the globe, Minecraft is highly recognized as one of the most splendid video games of all time.

Further, it forms a part of the World Video Game Hall of Fame and has earned diverse well-known awards. Minecraft enables the users who log into it to explore the world of 3D, design structures, and extract tools. It provides you with multiple modes, unlimited resources, and customized gameplay mechanisms.

Why You Should Create Your Own Minecraft Server?

Here are the noteworthy reasons to construct your own Minecraft Server with VPS Hosting in UAE


  • To avoid bullying & harassment that can occur on public servers
  • To operate at massive and better things with complete security
  • For gaining full control over your game instance
  • To generate higher revenues
  • To enable an appealing as well as unique Minecraft experience

VPS Server: Why You Might Use it in Dubai?

In Dubai, VPS Server serves as the perfect web hosting solution when it comes to running Minecraft as it lets you have the following avant-garde hosting benefits –

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Self-dependent and isolated web hosting environment
  • Access to dedicated web resources
  • Easy customizability
  • Quick resource scalability
  • High responsive time
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Highest uptime
  • Smooth and optimal performance
  • Robust data security features

8 Easy Steps to Setup Minecraft Using VPS Hosting in UAE

The Minecraft game is known to induce over $142 million in a single year. You can turn this most prominent video game of all time into your successive business prospect. Check out the easiest steps below to know how to set up your own Minecraft server employing VPS Hosting in UAE.

●     Opt For a VPS Hosting Plan

In UAE, You must pick the plan of VPS Hosting that comes with at least 1.5GB of RAM & 15GB of hard drive space. Further, you must examine whether you need managed or unmanaged web hosting services. At the same time, you must ensure that there are no unnecessary plugins, add-ons, or texture packs in order to avoid lagging gameplay.

●     Connect Over Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)

The subsequent step is to connect your virtual private server over Secure Shell Protocol (SSH). This helps you communicate with your VPS over an unsecured network. Afterward, you can easily configure your UAE VPS Server to operate Minecraft.

●     Install the Open Java Development Kit

Minecraft operates on Java. So, you have to further install the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK) on your Dubai VPS Server. OpenJDK serves as a free & open source execution of the Java SE (Java Platform Standard Edition).

●     Install Minecraft

In this step, you are supposed to construct a directory for all the content of your Minecraft. This enables you to organize and sustain your virtual private server.

●     Accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA)

Now you are required to configure the jar file of Minecraft. This allows you to rename the file as well as keep track of it. Then, before you begin your Minecraft server, you must agree to the End-User License Agreement (EULA).

●     Configure Your Dubai VPS Server

You can edit the server.properties file in order to customize the Minecraft experience. This includes cosmetic modifications, fundamental changes to the gameplay mechanics, and many others.

●     Install Screen

If you have come up to this step, you must not disconnect from the session. Moreover, you should install a Screen to assuring the persistence of the session.

●     Configure Your Firewall

In the last step, you can unfasten from the Minecraft screen by pressing Ctrl + A + D. You can also reattach to the session on your VPS hosting by pressing Ctrl + R. Then, you must configure your firewall to enable incoming connections. This allows you to monetize your virtual private server.


Among the Minecraft community, the mode of multiplayer is extremely popular. However, operating a successful gaming web server costs you a substantial monetary investment. In UAE On the other side, choosing to go with VPS Hosting can help you diminish your running investment and boost your profits.

With virtual private server web hosting, you obtain the high-grade hosting benefits of a dedicated server at the cheapest cost pricing in order to deliver a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Further, you must seek a web host such as Hostbillo web hosting company that lets you buy the most suitable VPS Server hosting plan with best-in-class services in Dubai, UAE. The company also offers cutting-edge -facilities, resilient technologies, superior customer assistance, and ultimate security. It enables you to attain all the hosting privileges you may require to successfully operate Minecraft with VPS hosting In UAE.

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